Lubbock, Texas Lawsuit Loans

Being injured in any kind of accident can alter many aspects of your life. While enduring physical pain, you may also have to deal with financial hardships due to any medical costs, or your inability to return to your place of work. You shouldn’t have to pay the costs of someone else’s negligence! While working with a personal injury lawyer is your best bet at reaching a settlement, the legal system moves slowly. When you need to deal with accruing costs in the meantime, apply today for the Lubbock, Texas lawsuit loan to get the cash funding you deserve fast!

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Why Apply For The Lubbock, Texas Lawsuit Loan?
Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident, slip & fall incident, pedestrian accident or more, the at-fault party’s insurance company should be the one to cover any related costs. If you were injured in or around Lubbock, Texas, and are working with a personal injury lawyer, you are eligible for our loan, which can put up to 10% of your predicted settlement in your pocket within one day. That’s anywhere between $500-$25,000 for you to use to pay your medical or utility bills, to buy groceries, or to use for something else so that you can stay afloat financially while your lawyer has added time to fight for the settlement you deserve.

What Are The Benefits Of The Loan?Fast & Easy Application Process
Our Lubbock, Texas lawsuit loan application takes less than 5 minutes for you to complete either online or over the phone. There is no extensive medical documentation or personal accident related details required for you to get started!

Negotiation Power
Most insurance companies try to settle fast with injured plaintiffs so that they can get away with a lowball offer. They know that those who are injured are struggling with large bills that continue to pile up, and are hoping they’re in a tight enough position that they’ll accept their undervalued offers. If you have another source for cash, like our Lubbock, Texas lawsuit loan, you can use that to cover your bills while your attorney negotiates for the amount your injuries are worth!

100% Risk-Free
Most people find loans to be a risky choice, but our lawsuit loans are a risk-free answer to your financial troubles. That is because you don’t have to repay us if you don’t win your settlement! If and when you do win, we are repaid directly from the settlement rather than out of your pocket. You have nothing to lose and much to gain!

Who We Fund
Most of the accident victims we fund are injured in auto-accidents, but our Lubbock, Texas lawsuit loans aren’t just for victims of vehicle accidents. National Lawsuit Funding is able to fund any person injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, as long as that person is working with a personal injury lawyer. Including but not limited to the following:

Our Easy, Fast Application Process

Step 1: Apply

Answer a few questions related to your accident online or over the phone. Then connect us with your attorney and we’ll take it from there!

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

We will reach out to your attorney for a few additional details related to the accident. This will require only 5 minutes of their time. Remember that the only “catch” to our loans is that you are required to be working with a personal injury attorney. If you aren’t, we unfortunately cannot provide you funding.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

Once we’ve spoken with your attorney and you’ve qualified for the loan according to our standards, we will send over a loan agreement for you and your attorney to sign digitally. Once that is returned to us, we can send your funds via direct deposit or mailed check within one business day. That’s it!

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