Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Loans

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Loans

From National Lawsuit Funding

Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident? Waiting For Your Settlement? We Give You The Cash You Need While Your Lawsuit Is Pending!

Every single year, there are 6 million motor vehicle accidents on US roadways. That’s 16,438 accidents per day and 20-50 million people involved annually who are injured or disabled. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are not alone! While a lawsuit can help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve, a motor vehicle accident lawsuit loan can be an additional way to pay for your injuries. 

Motor vehicle accident lawsuit loans can help injured motor vehicle accident victims get the money they need to pay for things like medical bills, groceries, and mortgage/rent payments before they win monetary compensation in a settlement. This type of loan is commonly known as a lawsuit loan, pre-settlement funding, or a lawsuit cash advance, among other names (all meaning the same thing)! 

When you apply for a motor vehicle accident lawsuit loan from National Lawsuit Funding, you don’t take on any risk - if you win your case, the loan is repaid directly out of your settlement, and if you lose, you owe us nothing. We offer vehicular accident advances ranging from $500 to $25,000 (depending on the circumstances of your case) in less than 24 hours if you qualify for financial assistance with us. All that we need to qualify you is some details about your motor vehicle accident from you and your personal injury attorney. We do not require medical documentation. Our process takes 5 minutes of your time, 5 minutes of your attorney’s time, and that’s it!

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Loans Give You & Your Attorney Time To Wait For The Fair Settlement You Deserve

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence can cause injuries that are enormously expensive to treat. Whether you were injured in a passenger car wreck, a motorcycle accident, as a pedestrian or bicyclist, in a truck accident, or another kind of motor vehicle accident, you may have to carry the costs of ambulatory care, surgeries, hospital stays, deductibles, and more either partially or fully on your own. You might have to take weeks or months off work without pay, or you may never be able to work again. The cost of the accident that falls on you could be anywhere from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Filing a lawsuit can help you get monetary compensation for your injuries, but litigation takes time. You could wait for your settlement for months or even years, especially if your case goes to trial. When the bills are piling up, you may not be able to afford to wait, and insurance companies know this. They may try to give you a quick, low offer - much lower than your injuries are actually valued at - to see whether you will accept it. 

Applying for a motor vehicle accident lawsuit loan can tide you over financially, giving your lawyer the time to work towards a fair settlement that truly reflects the true worth of your case! You can be patient, because you have cash on hand to pay your bills, and you don’t incur any financial risk because you only have to pay us back if you win your case (and you don’t pay us back out of your own pocket). National Lawsuit Funding can help you and your family get peace of mind after a motor vehicle accident interrupted your life!

National Lawsuit Funding’s ASAP Process Is Easy And Fast!

If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and have filed a lawsuit, you are already dealing with enough stress, so our company makes getting the funding you need as painless and simple as possible. Our 3-step, ASAP process can be completed entirely online!

Step 1: Apply

You can do this online on our website or over the phone! We require you to provide us with a few details about your case, your contact information, and your attorney’s contact information.

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

After receiving your application, we will immediately contact your lawyer to get more information about your case.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

As soon as we get the case specifics we need from your lawyer, we can approve you. We will send both you and your attorney our agreement via an e-signature service, and as soon as you both sign, we can get you a direct deposit or check within 1 day!

Apply Today & Get A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Loan Now!