Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Loans

Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Loans

From National Lawsuit Funding

Are You Suing A Nursing Home Because Of How They Abused/Neglected Your Elderly Loved One? We Lend You The Money You Need To Care For Them Until Your Lawyer Recovers Damages & Achieves Justice!

Why Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Loans Exist

Nursing home negligence occurs when senior citizens in an assisted living facility are either intentionally or unintentionally neglected or intentionally abused. Because 90% of nursing homes in the U.S. are understaffed, nurse aids have too many patients to care for and do not have the time to provide the correct level of care for certain patients. Examples of nursing home neglect include failing to administer medications when needed, failing to report signs of illness or infection to doctors, failing to regularly move seniors with mobility issues, and more.
Neglect isn’t the only danger, though - one national survey of nursing home staff showed that 10% admitted to at least 1 act of physical abuse in the past year and 40% admitted to psychologically abusing their patients. The National Association of Nursing Home Attorneys estimates that in reality, 5 million elderly adults in the U.S. are abused or neglected each year. Because seniors are so fragile, these instances could lead to their injury, illness, or death.
This is completely tragic and infuriating for families who entrust their parents and grandparents to these institutions, but it also creates a financial burden. The medical cost to treat the consequences of neglect/abuse can be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the cost of caring for them at home could be just as much.
For example, say that your elderly mother develops severe bed sores due to nursing home neglect. She requires surgery, a hospital stay, medications, and physical therapy to treat the effects of the wound. You obviously are not going to entrust her to that nursing home or any other for a while, if ever. You bring her home to live with you, but you have a full-time job, so you hire a well-reviewed in-home nursing assistant; you have to pay for their salary as well as incur the expense of having her live with you. 

To be compensated for these bills, and to hold the nursing homes accountable, many people choose to file lawsuits, but resolving a lawsuit could take months or even years. Some families can’t afford to wait that long for compensation, which is where a nursing home neglect lawsuit loan comes in. Also known as a nursing home neglect pre-settlement loan or litigation cash advance, this provides immediate financial relief for families who are struggling with the monetary weight of their injured elderly loved ones’ needs while their lawyer works to recover the amount they deserve. These types of loans can be used for any expenses necessary, and only have to be paid back if a settlement is reached!

Benefits Of Obtaining A Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Loan

If your family member has been injured or killed due to nursing home neglect, and you are pursuing litigation, you may be eligible for a nursing home neglect lawsuit loan from National Lawsuit Funding! We offer amounts ranging from $500 to $25,000 or more, depending on the specific details of your case and how much you are seeking in a settlement. You can use this loan to pay for groceries, mortgage/rent payments, utilities, healthcare costs related to your loved one’s injuries, transportation, and more - basically anything you need until your lawsuit ends. If you don’t win, you don’t have to pay the loan back! If you do win, the loan is repaid directly out of your award amount.
National Lawsuit Funding can issue your nursing home neglect lawsuit loan via direct deposit or check in less than 24 hours if you qualify! All that we need to fund you is specific information regarding your lawsuit from both you and your attorney. We do not require medical documentation. You just have to answer a few questions about the incidence of neglect or abuse, and then give us your lawyer’s contact information. It just takes 5 minutes of your time, 5 minutes of your attorney’s time, and that’s it! 

This no-risk cash advance can be a lifesaver for families whose elderly members have suffered at the hands of nursing home employees. It can also help you get a higher settlement! See, most nursing homes and their insurance companies know that their actions have placed a heavy financial burden on you, so what they will often do is give you a lowball offer very quickly. This offer is much less than what you want or need, but some families aren’t able to wait for the cash, so they take it. Our loan can tide you over financially while you wait patiently for your lawyer to negotiate and fight for the amount that you truly deserve!

Receiving a nursing home neglect lawsuit loan from National Lawsuit Funding gives you and your family peace of mind after being mistreated by an institution that should have protected you. Apply today!

How National Lawsuit Funding Makes Getting A Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Loan Easy & Fast!

Nursing homes and their staff have an obligation to take care of their patients. When your elderly loved one is injured or killed due to their failure to uphold this duty, and you have filed a lawsuit, our company makes receiving the cash you need incredibly simple! Complete our 3-step, 100% online application process at your convenience. As soon as we get everything we need from you, we can give you funding - sometimes on the same day!

Step 1: Apply

Simply provide us with key details about the nursing home neglect or abuse incident and your loved one’s resulting injuries (no medical documentation necessary). We also need your and your lawyer’s contact information, which you can fill out online or give to us over the phone!

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

The moment we receive your nursing home neglect lawsuit loan application, we reach out to the attorney on your case to ask more questions about the lawsuit, including how much they are pursuing in compensation. We do not fund cases if there is not a lawyer representing you.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

As soon as we hear back from your lawyer, we approve you if you qualify! National Lawsuit Funding will forward our loan agreement for you and your attorney to e-sign. We can send a check or make a direct deposit (whichever you prefer) within 1 business day after we receive that signed agreement.

Apply Now To Receive Your Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Loan Within 24 Hours!