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Being injured in any kind of accident (in a car crash, after a fall, due to a medical mistake, etc.), can be expensive. If someone else caused the accident, you shouldn’t be the one to pay for the resulting medical bills! Unfortunately, it may take a legal battle that goes on for weeks, months, or even years to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve from the at-fault party’s insurer or another culpable party. That’s where our El Paso, Texas lawsuit loans come in. If you live in El Paso and are working with a local personal injury lawyer, we can give you up to 10% of your expected settlement in cash the same day you apply! We make getting financial relief easy and fast. Apply today online or by giving us a call!

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Why Apply For An El Paso, Texas Lawsuit Loan?

It’s not fair that you should suffer financially as well as physically if the accident wasn’t your fault. The at-fault person’s insurance company should completely cover all of the costs related to your injuries, including medical expenses (for things like ambulatory transport, bloodwork, X-rays, surgeries, hospital stays, medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care, copays, deductibles, and more), lost wages (for time that you spend out of work after the accident, and even non-economic costs (like pain). However, insurance companies are experts at finding ways to deny or undervalue injury claims, because that’s how they keep more money in their pockets. A lawyer can help you fight for your rights, but even with a lawyer, winning damages can take time. Depending on how severe your injuries were and how expensive hte accident was, you may not be able to wait for a long time to pay your mounting bills, which is why our lawsuit loans can be so beneficial. Not only will they give you the financial cushion you need to stay afloat until your case is resolved, and not only are they completely risk-free - we only get paid back if and when you win, and then only directly from your settlement award (never out of your own pocket) - but they also give you negotiating power. Insurance companies will sometimes throw out a quick, lowball offer because they know that injured plaintiffs are desperate for cash. Receiving an El Paso lawsuit loan can help you afford to be patient so your attorney can negotiate and achieve an offer that reflects the true value of your case.

Types Of Lawsuits We Fund
Most of our loan applicants are auto accident victims, but we can fund any injured victim who was hurt due to someone else’s negligence (and who has legal representation), including those who are suing for:

Our 3-Step Application Process

Step 1: Apply

Dealing with a lawsuit is already stressful; we don’t want to give you additional hoops to jump through! The purpose of our El Paso, Texas lawsuit loan is to take the burden off you. To that end, we designed our application process to be as straightforward as possible! You can apply 100% online, from the comfort of your own home or on the go (you can also call to apply and speak to a real person, if you prefer). You will answer a few basic questions about your injuries and your accident (such as the date the incident occurred), and then provide us with your lawyer’s contact information. You do NOT have to go through an interview process or provide us with medical documentation! Step 1 should take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

We can provide you with a loan and temporary relief, but we want you to get paid the full amount that your injuries are worth, partly because it’s in your best interest and partly because we only require you to pay us back if you win! In order to protect our investment, give you the best chances at winning, and accurately value your case, we are only able to fund you if you are represented by a law firm. We will contact your attorney after you apply to get more specific details about your lawsuit, including how much they expect to recover. Step 2 should only take about 5 minutes of your attorney’s time!

Step 3: Approve & Fund

If you qualify according to our standards, we will send both you and your attorney a loan agreement to e-sign! As soon as that is returned back to us, we can send you a check or make a direct deposit (whatever your preference is) within 1 business day. It’s that easy!

Don’t Wait To Get Paid For Your Injuries - Get A Cash Advance Tomorrow When You Apply & Qualify For A El Paso Lawsuit Loan From National Lawsuit Funding Today!