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Were you hurt badly in an accident and are seeking compensation? Are you currently working with a Pennsylvania attorney to get access to the funds you deserve? Our Allentown, Pennsylvania lawsuit loan may be just what you need to stay afloat! Apply online or call now to get started and discover if you qualify.

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You May Be Entitled To Financial Support Through Our Allentown, Pennsylvania Lawsuit Loan

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, traffic crashes cause injury to 61,248 people annually. If you were the victim of a motor vehicle accident - or any accident, including a malpractice incident, a fall on someone else’s property, or another incident that was someone else’s fault - you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden that medical bills can cause. The costs of medication, hospital/ER visits, ambulance transportation, surgeries, X-rays, and other expenses can add up quickly, not to mention your regular costs of living that you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 

This is where the lawsuit loan comes in. If you live in Allentown Pennsylvania or nearby, and you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, and you are currently working with an attorney, you can apply for funding that will give you the ability to quickly pay for a portion of those bills so that you don’t risk going into debt!

Why Should You Apply? There Are Many Benefits!

There are no financial risks.

Our lawsuit loans don’t require any kind of payment unless you win your case. This means that we don’t need to run a credit check before issuing your loan, and it also means that if you lose your case, the funds are yours to keep. If and when you do win, the loan is repaid directly from your settlement. No out of pocket fees are required. 

You have the time to wait for a fair offer.

If your injuries are substantial, you may find yourself in a financially desperate situation. A lot of the time, insurers are counting on that and know money is becoming tight, so they make a quick, lowball offer hoping that you will be tempted enough to settle for much less than you deserve. This way, they can put the matter behind them and keep more money in their own pockets! Obtaining an Allentown, Pennsylvania lawsuit loan from National Lawsuit Funding can give you the quick cash and patience to refuse the first offer and allow your lawyer to fight for a better deal for you. 

No bending over backwards to get funding

The emotional trauma of an accident and resulting injuries is enough to deal with as is. Adding the stress of lacking a financial safety net only makes things worse, especially when you have to jump through hoops to find ways to get aid. That is why we take pride in just how easy it is to obtain one of our loans. You can apply online or over the phone from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to fill out a lot of paperwork or undergo an interview - applying takes less than 10 minutes total! 

Types Of Cases We Fund

National Lawsuit Funding provides loans to any plaintiff with a pending lawsuit who is also represented by an attorney. We fund most types of personal injury cases including, but not limited to:

& more!

Getting An Allentown, Pennsylvania Lawsuit Loan Is Quick & Easy!

You deserve compensation, and you shouldn’t have to wait for it. Apply today at National Lawsuit Funding to get fast cash in your pocket for whatever you need!

Step 1: Apply

The application process is painless. Apply online or call for assistance. You’ll answer a few questions related to your accident and injuries and be on your way. No medical documentation required!

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

Supply us with your attorney’s information and we’ll contact them with some more questions related to your case, including how much they expect to recover once a settlement is reached. We can only fund you if you have legal representation!

Step 3: Approve & Fund

Once we receive confirmation from your lawyer, and approve you as a candidate, we’ll send a loan agreement to be e-signed by you and your attorney. After that, we can deliver a check or make a direct deposit to your bank account within 1 business day!

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