We Give Risk-Free, Pre-Settlement Funding To Injured Accident Victims Who Are Working With An Attorney To Recover Compensation! Get Up To 10% Of Your Expected Settlement In Cash With 24 Hours If You Qualify. Apply Now For Our Akron Lawsuit Loan!

If you were seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the right to seek monetary compensation for the costs you incurred via a lawsuit! However, even with the best attorney on your side, it can take time to win a settlement. You could be waiting for months or years to get paid; when you need money to pay your bills now, our Akron lawsuit loans can give you the cash relief you need the same day you qualify! Call today or apply online.

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Why should you apply for an Akron lawsuit loan from National Lawsuit Funding?

Akron, Ohio, is the 5th largest city in Ohio. While it’s well-known for being the home of famous basketball players, such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry, it’s also known for being the home of some of the deadliest roads in the state, according to data from MoneyGeek. If you live in Akron or in the Greater Akron area, and you were injured in an auto accident - or any other type of accident, such as a medical accident or a fall - you shouldn’t have to pay for the costs of the accident alone if it was someone else’s fault. You can hire an attorney and fight to win damages from the insurance company of the responsible party, but the legal system moves slowly, and you still need to pay your bills in the meantime!

That’s where our Akron lawsuit loans come in! As long as you have legal representation, you can apply to receive up to 10% of your expected settlement amount, in cash, in 24 hours. We make applying incredibly simple, and you only have to repay the loan if and when you win your case!

Benefits of applying for our Akron, Ohio lawsuit loan

It’s easy and convenient!

Being injured in an accident can be a stressful, devastating, overwhelming life experience, so we made getting cash relief as easy and straightforward as possible! You don’t have to deal with paperwork, interview with us, or even travel outside your home to get funded. All you need to do is give us some basic information, online or over the phone, and your attorney’s contact information. That’s it!

It’s fast!

We know that if you’ve been injured in an accident, you may be in desperate need of funds. You may not be able to work and earn wages until you recover; you need to pay for medical treatment, and you also need to continue to pay your mortgage/rent, electricity bills, for groceries, etc. Our loans get to you within 1 business day so you can avoid going into debt or foregoing treatment!

It’s risk-free!

You may be hesitant to take out a loan because you aren’t sure how you can pay it back in your current financial state, but our loans are unique; if you lose your case, you don’t have to repay the loan. You can keep it and use it for anything you want. If and when you do win, your loan is repaid directly out of your settlement amount. You don’t have to worry about our loan hurting your credit. We only want to help you!

It’s strategic!

Insurance companies have their own bottom lines in mind during negotiations with accident victims. Their goal is to settle as quickly as possible for the least amount of money possible so they can put the matter behind them and keep more money in their pockets; to that end, they will usually make you a quick, lowball offer. They know that you may be in urgent need of cash, and they hope their quick offer will tempt you to accept. However, it’s almost certainly much less than what your injuries are actually worth. If you can find quick cash from another source (such as our Akron lawsuit loan), you can afford to be patient and let your lawyer work towards a better offer.

Types of personal injury lawsuits we fund in Akron, Ohio

We don’t just fund injured car accident victims - we fund any injured victims who were hurt due to another person’s negligence. If you live in or near Akron, and have retained an attorney or law firm in or near Akron, you are a great candidate for our Akron lawsuit loan! A few of the accident types we commonly fund include, but are not limited to:

To begin our easy and fast application process and discover whether you qualify, call National Lawsuit Funding today or apply online!


Step 1: Apply

All you need to do to apply is give us a few details about your accident, your injuries, and the law firm representing you. You can answer questions online or over the phone - that’s it! We don’t need medical documentation or a credit check to fund you. Applying should take you 5 minutes or less.

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

Because we don’t require Akron lawsuit loan recipients to pay us back if they lose their case, and because they only get 10% of their projected settlement from us, we require all plaintiffs we work with to work with a lawyer in order to have the best chances at winning! We can only issue you the cash you need if you have legal representation. Once you apply, we will contact your lawyer to get more information about your case.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

We know that if you’ve been injured, you need cash fast, so we work on an ASAP basis to fund you! As soon as we receive your application and speak with your lawyer, we will forward both of you an agreement to e-sign. The moment that has been signed and sent back to us, we will immediately transfer your loan via check or direct deposit (whichever you prefer) within 1 business day or sooner!

Apply Today To Receive Your Columbus, OH Cash Lawsuit Loan From National Lawsuit Funding Within 24 Hours!