Lucedale, Mississippi Lawsuit Loans

Recovering compensation for injuries you sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence via a lawsuit can take a while; getting financial relief in the form of pre-settlement financing takes less than 24 hours with National Lawsuit Funding! If you’re working with an attorney, live in or near Lucedale, and are suing for injury damages, we can give you $500 - $25,000 or more in cash via our Lucedale, Mississippi lawsuit loan within 1 day. Call now or apply online to get started!

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Why should you apply?

Being injured in an accident can cost you thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. It’s not right that you should have to pay these costs out of pocket if you weren’t the one who caused the accident, but unfortunately, insurance companies are rarely willing to pay injured accident victims fairly for the damages they incurred. It will likely take a legal battle before you can recover a settlement. Even with the best personal injury lawyer on your side, though, the legal system moves slowly, and it could take months or even years for you to win and get paid.

Because the cost of living in Lucedale is higher than most of Mississippi, most Lucedale residents can’t afford to wait that long to pay for the injury treatment they need and pay their regular bills at the same time without going into debt. That’s where our Lucedale, Mississippi lawsuit loan comes in! When you qualify for our loan, you can get up to 10% of your expected settlement in 24 hours or less. Applying is simple, and you don’t have to pay us back unless and until you win. Don’t wait any longer for cash - apply online or over the phone now and discover how much you can receive in a loan from National Lawsuit Funding!

Why our Lucedale, Mississippi lawsuit loan is a smart choice

Lawsuits are all about negotiating, and it’s hard to negotiate when the other party has all the power. Insurance companies know that if you have been injured in an accident and are suing them, you’re probably in a tight financial situation or are even desperate for cash. Because their objective is to pay you as little as possible and to conserve their resources as much as possible, one of the tactics they will often use is to make you a quick offer. Their expectation is that the promise of fast cash will tempt you to accept a settlement that is less than what you actually deserve without having to go through much hassle.

Our Lucedale, Mississippi lawsuit loan can give you fast cash from a source that’s on your side so you can afford to be patient, turn down the lowball offer, and give your personal injury lawyer time to negotiate full compensation or take your case to trial, if necessary (where you may be able to win much more than you would by settling). It gives you negotiating power! The loan is also completely risk-free; you don’t have to pay anything upfront or out of your own pocket, ever. You only repay us if you win. If you lose you can keep the loan to use for anything you need - groceries, medical bills, mortgage/rent, travel, etc. Our loan can’t hurt your credit, either, and it doesn’t take a lot of your time or effort to apply!

Who we fund

Most of the plaintiffs we fund were injured in car accidents, but we can fund any loan applicant who was injured in any type of accident that wasn’t their fault, who has legal representation, and who lives in or near Lucedale.

Some of the most common accident types we fund include, but are not limited to:

Our easy, fast, 3-step application process  

Step 1: Apply

Simply answer a few basic questions about your accident, your injuries, and your lawyer - that’s all you need to do to apply! You can apply online or over the phone, whatever is most convenient for you, and you don’t have to submit any medical documentation. It should take less than 5 minutes of your time!  

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

Your chances of recovering maximum compensation increase dramatically with legal representation; for your best interests, and because we only get repaid if you win, we require all applicants to be working with a local lawyer before we can issue them a loan. After you apply, we will reach out to your attorney to get more information about your case, including how much they expect to recover.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

The faster you can get our Lucedale, Mississippi lawsuit loan, the faster you can have peace of mind, so our team works on an ASAP basis. As soon as we receive your application and discuss your case with your attorney, we will send both of you a loan agreement to e-sign; as soon as that is returned, we will send you a check or direct deposit (whatever your preference is), right away!

Stop Waiting For The Cash You Need To Pay Your Accident Bills; Apply For Our Lucedale, Mississippi Lawsuit Loan Today & Get Paid Tomorrow!