Gulfport, Mississippi Lawsuit Loans

Accidents happen all the time. But why should you suffer financially when you’re the victim of one? If you were injured in an accident by no fault of your own in or near Gulfport, Mississippi, and you are working with legal representation to recover the compensation you deserve, you’re eligible to apply for our Gulfport, Mississippi Lawsuit Loans. It is an easy process that can get the funding you need in your pocket fast - before your case settles! Our loan is risk-free and you only have to pay us if your case is won!

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What Are Lawsuit Loans & Why Should I Apply?

Lawsuit loans are a convenient way to stay afloat financially while dealing with the time, stress, and legal obligations a lawsuit requires. Depending on your accident, you may have been severely injured, racking up all kinds of bills from ER visits, emergency transportation, medication, check-ups, and more, not to mention having to keep up with daily necessities like food and housing bills. Our lawsuit loans are a convenient way for Gulfport residents to get the funding they deserve. 

Because insurance companies want to spend as little as possible, they often try to lowball injured accident victims with a quick offer because they know they are struggling financially and getting low on cash. However, getting the funding from one of our lawsuit loans gives you the leeway to allow your lawyer extra time to pursue a better deal, as you’ll have the money on hand to take care of whatever you need until your lawsuit is resolved!

You can apply for a Gulfport, Mississippi lawsuit loan online OR on the phone right now and if you qualify, we can send you between $500-$25,000 or more. We provide up to 10% of your expected settlement in 24 hours or less! You may have concerns about paying us back, but the best part is, if you don’t win, you don’t have to! Only if your case is won do you have to repay the loan, which is conveniently taken directly from the settlement amount. You don’t have to pay anything upfront, and your credit remains undamaged! 

Benefits Of Our Lawsuit Loans

  • Easy application process
  • Risk-free funding
  • Peace of mind having the money you need, for whatever you need

Who We Fund

When most people hear the term “accident,” they assume it was an auto-accident. While we do fund those, we also fund a realm of other accidents. As long as you have legal representation and are living in or near Gulfport, Mississippi, you are qualified and can easily be approved today!

Our Easy, Fast Application Process

Our easy, fast, 3-step application process  

Step 1: Apply

Simply answer a few basic questions related to your accident, your injuries and your personal injury lawyer over the phone or online. That is all! We don’t require any extensive paperwork or private medical documentation. This step will only take about 5 minutes of your time.

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

The one “catch,” to our lawsuit loan is that you need to be already working with an attorney in order to be approved for a loan. Because we take on the risk when funding you, and because we want you to have the best chances at winning, we require an attorney’s approval.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

It’s important to you and our organization that you get your funding quickly. That is why, once you’re approved we mail a check or initiate a direct deposit (whichever you prefer) within 24 hours or less! As soon as we receive your application and speak with your attorney, we send an agreement over for you and your lawyer to sign. Once you have, we send the money and you have the funds you need and deserve!

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