Sandy Springs, Georgia, Lawsuit Loans

Were you wrongfully injured in an accident in or around Sandy Springs, Georgia and are thinking about suing for financial compensation? We can help you get the financial relief you need, fast, when you qualify for our Sandy Springs, Georgia lawsuit loan. You can get between $500-$25,000 in your pocket within 1 business day! Apply now online or over the phone to get started.

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About Our Sandy Springs, Georgia Lawsuit Loan

When you are injured in an accident, the world doesn’t stop while you recover. Medical costs rack up quickly and you can find yourself up to your head in debt before you’ve even healed. You should not be held responsible for the damages caused by someone else’s negligence. Our lawsuit loan can help you cover the costs of surgeries, scans, medications, hospitalization, physical therapy, chiropractic care, & more!

What Are The Benefits?

Fast, Easy Application Process

Unlike many other loan applications, we only require a few details related to your accident and injuries to get you started. Our only requirement for receiving our lawsuit loan is that you must be working with a personal injury lawyer before we can fund you. Once we’ve connected with them, we handle things from there. That’s it! Your involvement requires only 5 minutes of your time online or on the phone.

Negotiation Power

When you have the financial stability to take care of bills and other necessities  with our Sandy Springs, Georgia lawsuit loan, your lawyer has more time and leeway to fight stingy insurance companies and their offers that don’t begin to equate to the cost of your injuries. Don’t settle for low compensation when your injuries are worth more!

100% Risk-Free

Pursuing a loan is intimidating to many plaintiffs due to hefty legal fees that they fear they’ll face, or a fear of not being able to pay back the loan. Fortunately with our lawsuit loan you don’t have to worry about owing money you can’t afford - it’s 100% risk free. You don’t have to pay us back unless you win your settlement; if you lose, you can keep the loan and use it for anything you need. When and if you win, we are repaid directly from the settlement, not your own pocket! Get the cash you need now, so you can get the loan you deserve later.

Who We Fund

We fund any injured accident victim who is already working with a personal injury lawyer, including those who were hurt in:


Step 1: Apply

Applying is extremely simple. Just answer a few questions about your accident and injuries (no medical documentation required). Then give us your lawyer’s contact information. This can be done online or on the phone in 5 minutes or less!

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

Once we receive your completed application, we’ll reach out to your attorney to get more details related to your case, like how much they expect to recover in a settlement. This also will only take about 5 minutes of their time. We will not fund plaintiffs who don’t have legal representation.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

approve you for a Sandy Springs, Georgia lawsuit loan as long as you qualify according to our standards! National Lawsuit Funding will send an agreement for you and your lawyer to e-sign. Once that is returned to us, we can mail you a check or make a direct deposit within 1 business day!

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