Fort Lauderdale, Florida Lawsuit Loans

Live in Fort Lauderdale? Injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault? You can and should work with a personal injury lawyer to recover compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company, or your own, but the legal system moves slowly; it could take months or even years before you get paid! National Lawsuit Funding can give you the cash you need to pay your bills in 24 hours. Applying for our same-day Fort Lauderdale, Florida lawsuit loan is easy and fast; we don’t do a credit check, and you don’t have to pay us back until you win your case. Call or apply online today!

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We Can Fund You!
As long as you have legal representation and live in or near Fort Lauderdale (or your attorney does), you are likely a great candidate for funding. We can issue cash loans to any injured plaintiff in Fort Lauderdale who was harmed by someone else’s negligence and who is working with a personal injury lawyer to win damages! We frequently fund victims who were hurt in car accidents, bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, after a fall on someone else’s property, by medical malpractice, by unsafe medications like Zantac, by nursing home abuse, and other situations outside of their control.

What You Need To Know About ApplyingIt’s almost effortless.
Being injured is already a stressful enough experience without trying to jump through hoops to get the money you need to pay your bills. We want to take the burden off you so you can focus on healing, not add more to your plate! That’s why our loan application process is extremely simple and straightforward. You don’t have to fill out a lot of paperwork or attend an interview. You can apply entirely online, from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Applying should take you less than 10 minutes!

It’s 100% risk-free.
Some injured accident victims are anxious to take out a loan because their injuries have already placed them in a tight financial position - they fear they may not be able to pay it back, which could damage their credit and put them further in debt. However, our Fort Lauderdale, Florida lawsuit loans were designed to help you, not hurt you! You only have to pay us back if and when you win. You don’t have to make any payments until then; if you don’t recover a settlement, you can keep the loan amount and use it for anything you need (food, mortgage/rent, medical bills, transportation, clothing, etc.). If and when you do win, our loan is repaid directly from your settlement and not from your own pocket, so it can’t lower your credit score! (We also don’t require a credit check to fund you in the first place).

It benefits you in legal negotiations.
Because insurance companies lose money when they pay out claims to plaintiffs, one of the tactics they often use is to make quick, lowball offers. They know that plaintiffs sue because they need cash, so they hope that you will be tempted enough to accept; however, their first offer will almost certainly be a lowball - much less than what your injuries are actually worth. National Lawsuit Funding can give you quick cash to hold you over while your attorney plays hardball and secures the maximum settlement possible or takes your case to trial.

Our 3 Step Fort Lauderdale, Florida Lawsuit Loan Process

Step 1: Apply

All you need to do to apply is to answer a few questions about your accident and your injuries. That’s it!

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

Give us your attorney’s contact information so we can reach out to them and get more specific details about your case and projected settlement.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

The moment we qualify you, we will send a Fort Lauderdale, Florida lawsuit loan agreement to you and your lawyer to e-sign; as soon as that’s signed, we can send a check or make a direct deposit within 24 hours!

You Can Get Paid For Your Injuries Today! Don’t Wait - Apply Now!