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If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and you are currently working with a Texas attorney to recover damages, you may be finding it difficult to pay your bills due to medical expenses. National Lawsuit Funding can give you the cash you need in 24 hours or less! Apply for a Texas lawsuit loan today to receive the financial assistance you deserve!

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Texas Law Allows Plaintiffs To Get A Lawsuit Loan!

Texas is the second largest state in the U.S., both in geographical area and in population size, but it has surpassed California (the most populated state) in the recorded number of traffic fatalities, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This means that you have a greater risk of getting into a car accident - or many other types of accidents, also - if you live in Texas. 

Being injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence can be a traumatic and expensive life event. You may have to pay for costs related to ambulatory transport, emergency room care, surgeries, hospitalization, physical therapy, medications, copays, deductibles, and more. You might have to get your car fixed or replaced, if it was a vehicle accident, and you might have to take time off of work without pay to heal. This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars that you are facing having to pay out of pocket! Filing a lawsuit can be one way for you to get the money you need to pay for your care, but recovering compensation usually necessitates a fight with your insurance company, and that can take weeks, months, or even years if your case goes to trial. In the meantime, your injuries need treatment, you have mortgage/rent payments to make, and you have a family to feed - the bills will pile up quickly, and you’ll likely go into steep debt unless you can find a solution. 

That’s why we offer our same-day Texas lawsuit loans to injured accident victims who have personal injury lawsuits pending! If you live in Texas, or if you are working with an attorney in that state, Texas law allows you to receive financial aid in the form of pre-settlement funding (also known as a lawsuit loan or litigation cash advance). You can get the money you need to pay your expenses even before you win a settlement! If you don’t win your case, you do not have to pay back the lawsuit loan. 

Why Should You Apply For A Texas Lawsuit Loan From National Lawsuit Funding?

Qualifying for a Texas lawsuit loan from National Lawsuit Funding can be advantageous in many ways! 

You pay nothing upfront, and nothing out of pocket. We do not require you to pay back your Texas lawsuit loan unless your attorney is able to win a settlement on your behalf. When that compensation is won, we receive our repayment directly out of the compensation amount. If you don’t win, you get to keep the loan! Either way, you will not pay anything out of your own money and you won’t pay until you win. You don’t have to worry about the loan hanging over your head. It’s a no-risk, peace of mind model! 

You won’t struggle to pay your bills, giving you and your lawyer time to wait for a fair offer. 

Most Texas residents don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings just in case an accident occurs. Their injuries can cause their financial situation to become desperate, and most insurance companies who are on the defending end of injury lawsuits realize this. In order to avoid paying out the full amount that they know you deserve, they will usually make you a low, fast offer. They know how tempting quick cash will seem, and they hope you’ll accept it so they can put the matter behind them, but the truth is that it will be much less than the amount your injuries are actually worth. If you can afford to refuse that offer, they will be forced to negotiate with you; your lawyer can play hardball and threaten to take your case to trial, which is the last thing insurance companies want. Being patient gives you the best chance at getting maximum compensation, which may be thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars depending on the extent of your injuries! Getting a Texas lawsuit loan provides some financial relief so you can wait them out. 

You can get the money you need easily and right away!

Suffering from injuries sustained in an accident is exhausting and painful. Trying to recover financial restitution when an insurance company is unwilling can be frustrating. Working with a lawyer can be confusing. You don’t need more complications in your life or hoops to jump through right now, which is why National Lawsuit Funding makes getting a Texas lawsuit loan as simple as possible. We only need two things: for you to answer some questions about your accident and for your lawyer to answer some questions about your case. That’s it. No medical documentation required. Simply take five minutes to give us a few key details, provide us with your lawyer’s contact information, and then we can fund you if you qualify! As soon as we accept you, we can send you your loan via check or direct deposit in less than 24 hours. 

Types Of Cases We Fund

National Lawsuit Funding can provide same-day Texas lawsuit loans for any plaintiffs in any county in the state who have a lawsuit pending in the state and who have a lawyer representing them (and who qualify according to our standards). We are not able to fund cases where attorney representation is absent. We do fund most types of represented personal injury cases, including, but not limited to:

& more!

To learn whether or not you qualify for one of our loans, call us or apply now online! 

Getting A Texas Lawsuit Loan From National Lawsuit Funding Is Quick & Painless!

You shouldn’t have to feel insecure financially when you are injured in an accident in Texas that wasn’t your fault. That’s why we want to give you a full cash advance as quickly as possible! National Lawsuit Funding has a 3-step, 100% online application process that you can complete at home, in a hospital room, or on the go. The moment we get all of the information we need to qualify you, we will send your Texas lawsuit loan within 24 hours!

Step 1: Apply

Provide key details about your accident, your injuries, and your lawsuit, and then connect us with the lawyer handling your case. You do not have to give us any medical documentation. You can complete this step online or over the phone, whichever you prefer!

Step 2: Attorney Cooperation

When we receive your completed application, we will reach out to your Texas personal injury attorney and get more in-depth information about your lawsuit, including how much they expect to recover in a settlement. This will only take a few minutes of their time. National Lawsuit Funding is not able to fund Texas accident victims who do not have legal representation.

Step 3: Approve & Fund

As soon as we get a response from your lawyer, we will approve you if you meet our standards! National Lawsuit Funding can send your Texas lawsuit loan agreement for both you and your lawyer to e-sign at your earliest convenience. When everything is returned, we can deliver a check or make a direct deposit within 1 business day!

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