We are the direct funder of ALL our cash advances.  So when you apply with us, it stays with us.

Fill out our online application or call us at 888-322-2400.  We will require information about you, your lawyer, and your case.  We like to see cases that have happened at least 60 to 90 days in the past so the case has some time to develop.  

Once the application is complete, we then must speak to your attorney.

After we have all your information and we send a release to your attorney, we then call the firm to learn more about your case.  We will ask questions regarding prior advances, liens, medical bills to date, protection letters, what stage of the process your case is in, and some additional questions.  The whole point of this phone call is to not have your attorney spend the time sending medical records over and for us to properly underwrite & determine the value of our advance to you.

Once our underwriter has determined a value, we then call you and tell you.  You are allowed to accept the underwriter's amount of any amount lower than that.  

Once an amount is agreed upon verbally, we fax you over a contract to sign.  This contract outlines all the details of the lawsuit advance such as disclosures, fees, responsibilities, etc etc.

After you sign the contract, we then fax it to your attorney for their signature.  

It is a much smoother and better process when you GO to your attorney's to sign the document with him!