National Lawsuit Funding provides cash advances against your pending motor vehicle or slip & fall lawsuit.

1 - application

Fill out an application on our website or call our offices at 888-322-2400 and we will gladly start the process of getting your information together so we can speak to your lawyer about the case.

2 - Underwriting

Our underwriters can speak to your lawyer or paralegal on the case.  We ask for FIVE minutes or their time and ask simple questions about your case.


3 - contract & funding

Once approved, we will ask that you and your attorney sign an agreement memoralizing the lawsuit advance.  Once both parties sign, you can receive your money!

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We streamlined this legal finance process to benefit the CUSTOMER.


This whole process can take as little as 1 HOUR, or as much as days, depending on the responsiveness of your attorney.


The Process (steps & time)

The process if very simple. Most of the time is waiting for your attorney to call us back and/or your attorney sign the agreement. If everyone is responsive to our phone calls & paperwork, this process could take AS LITTLE AS AN HOUR!

National Lawsuit Funding

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888-322-2400 (phone)

215-780-8002 (fax)


What types of cases does National Lawsuit Funding fund?

Motor Vehicle and Slip & Fall cases.

Does it cost anything to apply for pre-settlement funding?

No. You pay nothing until your case settles. If you lose the case, you still owe nothing. If you win your case, your attorney will pay us back at time of disbursement.

Is it a loan?

No. This is a non-recourse advance on your case. We are purchasing an investment in future proceeds in your case. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Do I have to tell my attorney?

Yes. We will need to speak to your attorney to evaluate the case. We will also need your attorney to sign off on the agreement acknowledging your advance. Your attorney, by law & ethics, can not advance you any money against your case so we work together with your attorney to provide you the funds you need.

How long does it take?

Depends. It mostly depends on your attorney. If they answer our evaluation call and sign the agreement quickly than the process can take an hour. BUT, if they attorney (or on rare occasions, the client) does not get back to us for hours or days at a time, that can hold up the process.